poetry, writing

Week End!

I finally sigh, a sigh of relief,

although it may only be brief.

The week has finally found its end,

Another week is just around the bend

Why does work have to be a thief!

Burnt out brain = bad poetry. Have a relaxing and restful weekend!



The sound of her phone startled.

Vacation mode still in high gear.

No disturbances until the holiday is over,

She promised him. He stared her way.

She shut down the app on the phone.

Ignored the pings and texts.

He smiled and sighed some relief.

She needed this break more than she knew.

They’ll learn to survive without her,

Just two more days.



Today, I sat in a room with 10 others, working on a major project. The room was full of people with a variety of technical skills…electricians, networking, engineering… and various managers. (Social distancing and masks were all in play!) As I sat there, contributing like the rest, I couldn’t help but recognize I was the only woman in the room.

I wasn’t uncomfortable, and everyone treated me as an equal. I work with other women as well, but just not in this scenario.

It makes me wonder however, why meetings like this are so unbalanced when it comes to gender. Are women not interested in technology? No, I know that isn’t true. Do men block advancement? Maybe, but that didn’t seem to be the case here!

So, ladies, and girls growing up, go for it. If you like to build or invent, or analyze and plan, or lead, follow that desire! I’d enjoy seeing a few other ladies in the room along the way!