Seven Falls

It was a cold winter’s day after in Colorado. She was visiting on a whirlwind trip and falling in love with being in the Springs.

Bundled in a sweater, jeans, and shoes good enough to walk in the ice, she walked into the Seven Falls attraction with her main reason for her visit.

As they stepped out into the basin, a wintery scene appeared all around them. The snow had paused, but the falls were mostly frozen. Snow dusted areas in shade.

They decided to climb up the steep staircase to get a better view, stopping to take a photo now and then. The falls dripped icy cold water in places and they could see the water running in some places under the ice crust.

It was chilly, so she huddled against his back, stealing some of his warmth, and holding his belt buckle to steady herself as he kept her going up.

The craggy rocks and evergreen pines filled in the scene around the falls. They ascended to a platform and wondered at the scenery for a bit.

The snow began to softly fall as they descended back down the staircase. She grew sad, as her trip was going too fast. She could only hope that she’d make it back here someday.

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