Rip, rip, rip. The seam was well hidden inside. But the dress needed altering; it must be done. The flowing red plaid skirt puffed about as she separated the black velvet top from the skirt.

She sighed. How she hated to pull a brand new garment apart. The top was a sloppy fit. But the skirt was too perfect. So stitch by stitch, she carefully separated the dress into two pieces.

Finally the dress fell into two parts. She looked at the black velvet top. There was no way to remake it to fit her, so she tossed it aside.

The crisp fabric of the plaid skirt surrounded her. Red, silver, white and black threads woven into a tartan pattern. Gently she removed the stray threads and checked the edges lined up all the way around the waist.

A few stitches would get the skirt ready to wear. Now the search was on for a black blouse fitting to wear with it. Finding two online, she ordered them with the hopes they would arrive on time.

A back up dress already hung in the closet; her trusty standby. However she wanted to shine this year in something new, something different. Christmas dinner was only a few weeks away. Here’s to holiday soirées!

poetry, writing

Holiday Hunt

The shelves and racks overflow with gifts galore,

but the search for that one special toy alludes.

Clothes and shoes, and even more abound,

but that pink top cannot be found.

How is it we have so much stuff,

but what we have isn’t what we want?

It’s all the leftover unwanted things

from which we must choose.

Maybe a shopper’s delight, digging the piles,

but for me and my mate, it makes us tired.

Finally, that one toy magically appears,

and that little shirt peeks out at last.

Christmas gifts for little ones done.

I hope it makes their wishes come true.


Snow Globe

“Give it a shake!” The salesclerk coaxed her. “Watch the magic unfold!”

The little girl gently tilted and shook the snow globe. When she set it back up, the snow swirled around the trees and the small family of deer prancing in the forest scene.

Her brown eyes stared intently, seeing other woodland creatures come into view. She felt a small little chill in the drafty store. It made her feel she was right there, standing on a snow bank watching it all unfold.

A strong but soft hand rested on her shoulder. She looked up, then pointed to the shelf.

“Sofia, we need to go. Maybe later, okay?” Her father looked over to the door. “We’re already late.”

She took a final look, then shook her head. She slipped her hand in his as he led her out of the shop. Off they went to see grandma, and soon the snow globe was a distant memory.


Santa Loves Tex-Mex!

Wonder, wide-eyed wonder, filled innocent eyes.

Children grew huge smiles and danced about.

The adults waved behind giddy laughter.

Ever gracious, they’d wave and smile back.

Who would have guessed, this December eve,

we’d all come in to see in the middle of the restaurant

the season’s famous couple, Mrs. Claus and Santa!

Their presence brought everyone great cheer.

Everyone respected their time to eat.

Awestruck, patrons watched Santa finish his plate

full of tasty enchiladas and papas con chile.

As they left, they even posed for pictures

with those brave enough to ask.

It’s amazing what great cheer can be felt

by the magic of the holiday!

poetry, writing


A gentle wind blows across the lake, making the windchime dance.

A melodious sound fills the air with each strike of the clapper.

A breath in, a breath out, a few moments to find calm.

The wind stops its breath, and the chimes soon still.

But the birds return, flit among the branches and share their trills.

Finding time to enjoy the peace is hard these days,

But it’s always there, waiting for us to practice the pause.


Optimistic Planner

Wandering the aisles, she slid her hand over the covers of planners screaming 2023 is on its way. The red one catches her eye, and she picks it up then flips through the pages.

Yes, this style will work. But the cover creeps her out. It feels like plastic, leather, and shaved fur…not pleasant at all after holding it a moment.

An emerald green one with a pliable cover, all in the same style inside, works much better. She plucks it off the shelf and into the crook of her elbow.

This is the year she’ll finally stick to the plan, make her calendar glow with all the great things she is going to achieve. She smiles and checks out.

Reality hasn’t caught up yet….she does this every year. Usually it doesn’t get past January 15th before the planner gets tucked into a corner to start to gather dust!


Double Work

Mistakenly, she thought, four hands were better than two.

But twice makes quadruple the work.

Don’t get me wrong, partnership is good.

But then there are those moments,

Hands and arms covered in suds,

When you wonder, why can’t it all get done.

Rinsed dishes under dirty, enough!

Now it’s a double wash, and an extra sink rinse,

All for freaking what?

Lefty versus right, everything is backwards…

If you want me to do the dishes, stop setting traps!

A soaked shirt, a shortened temper,

And questions about ‘what’s wrong?’

Like you really don’t know!

But no more fighting, it will not change…

But at least they’re done….until next time.


The Easy Life

Life, on the rocks, hard as can be.

But time wears the rough edges away,

And the stones turn smooth and slick.

Over and over, the waves beat on.

Eventually the rock turns to rubble,

The rubble turns to grainy sand.

The grains continue to wear away,

Until nothing but powder remains.

The water recedes, the winds pick up,

And away blows what once stood strong.

And nothing more stands in the way of life.

…if only we had the time to spare

The time to let our rocks fade away

so life could flow so easily for us too.


Own It!

Here we go again, another struggle on its way.

It isn’t mine, but she tries to lay it at my feet.

How did this happen, this confusion and dismay?

Every direction turns into her latest defeat.

I have to hold my tongue and direct;

With tears, it isn’t time to correct.

So, I let her collect her thoughts,

Find her peace, practice mindfulness,

Honestly, though, I’m tired of the oughts.

All this drama is sadly senseless.

She needs to do what she’s got to do,

Don’t make me make the decision for you.


Love Makes Light

Glints of lights bounce around,

Glitter reflecting candlelight,

Twirling about in wooden floors,

For a few moments, the world was all right.

Joyful music filled the spacious hall,

A lively clamor from wall to wall.

Hand holding and dancing close,

Tuxedos and shimmery dresses,

A fanciful buffet spread served,

And away went all of the stresses.

Tonight was a night full of dreams,

When hearts burst at the seams.

The final songs are softly played,

The lights dim, the crowd disappears,

Quietly they stroll outside,

Arm in arm, full of good cheers

The gala and finery was more than they’d know,

The evening closed with beautiful fireworks aglow.

Cheap streamers and sparklers about,

The reality they actually did not see,

Store bought trays of cheese and dessert,

It was all their minds’ own fantasy.

Their hearts and their hands fit like a glove,

Nothing else mattered except their true love.