The air was heavy with the scent of blooming flowers. She brushed her fingertips across the blooms as she walked through their acreage. They bought the land as their first purchase after the wedding, knowing they would build their life here.

The heat of the sun bounced off her white button down as the breeze tossed her short brown hair against her face. She tucked a few strands behind her ear. Her jeans stopped the scratching of the overgrowth.

She looked back towards the house. A home filled with memories and happiness awaited her return. The mountains in the distance still filled her with awe and wonder. The past month had been too quiet though; she missed him and the girls.

Hot breath came down on her neck, and then a loud snort. She stopped in her tracks, then reached in her pocket. As she spun around, she presented the beast a shiny red apple.

He whinnied then snapped it up, munching away. They rescued Cashmere, a chestnut mustang, a few years prior and let him wander on the fields. She pet his face and smiled.

In the distance, she saw a cloud of dust rise. He was finally home, and her heart filled with joy. She turned from Cashmere and headed back to the house.

He pulled into the winding drive of their homestead. He was nervous after having been away so long. It was a good nervous, almost excitement.

He stepped on the brakes when he saw her in the distance. She wasn’t looking his way, so he took a moment to watch her.

He loved watching her when she didn’t know. He watched her sleeping, cooking, always mesmerized by her presence.

Today he saw her enjoying the wildflowers. Her crisp white shirt and dark jeans framed her figure. It was rounder now, but he stilled loved it, because it was her.

He spied Cash walking up to her. She always carried a couple apples for him when she walked the field. Her face lit up as she turned to her trusted steed.

He was still in awe of her enjoyment in the simple things. At that moment, he had an urge to take her in his arms. He refocused on the drive and took off toward home.

poetry, writing

Cold Settles

Before the cold settles in my bones

Let me see the light of day

The smile that rests upon your lips

And clear this haze away.

Before the cold settles in my bones

Let me feel the warmth of the sun

The touch of your skin on mine

The thrill of electricity through my veins.

Before the cold settles in my bones

Let me smell that sweet obsession

Floating on the breeze

And fill my lungs with fresh air.

Before the cold settles in my bones

Let me taste the salt upon your skin

The sweetness of your tongue

Remind me of when we were young.

Before the cold settles in my bones

Let me hear the raspiness of your voice

Echoing my name once more

As we find our final joys.

Before the cold settles in my bones.



The turquoise water shimmered in the afternoon sun as the breeze picked up her sun kissed curls. Shades obscured her dark brown eyes. Her white cotton dress floated around her tanned body.

He watched her from the bed in their bungalow. This getaway was exactly what they needed after dealing with the chaos back home. He saw the lines disappear from her face these past weeks as her stress melted away.

She turned back toward him and smiled. Her bare feet glided across the decking and then onto the polished hardwood. Her soft steps drew his attention to the curve of her ankles and calves.

As he watched, he realized her hem lifted. She pulled her dress up and over her head. He snickered as he realized she had a swimsuit on.

She placed the dress on a chair, then motioned to him with a curve of her finger. “Let’s swim.”

He slid off the bed and adjusted the band of his trunks. The wood floor felt cool against his bare feet as he crossed the floor. “Sure I can’t convince you to do something else?” He twisted his head towards the bed.

She blushed, then grabbed his hand, pulling him outside. “Later,” she giggled. “I want to take a dunk.”

She led him around to the small private dunking pool next to the bungalow. He stood back, enjoying the view of her as she disappeared into the water, then climbed in to join her.

She slipped the straps of her bathing suit off her shoulder and shimmied in the water, then dropped the suit to the side of the pool. Slowly, a smile crept across his face.

Maybe later was sooner than he expected.

poetry, writing

Just Watch

Do not let them pull you into their cyclone

Their chaos does not belong in your life.

Hold your head up high and walk alone,

Still your tongue and avoid their strife.

Observe how they talk for all others

Be calm, knowing they know nothing at all.

Keep your knowledge under covers,

Then watch how quickly they fall.

Sometimes it is better to be silent and be

Than to get pulled in to their animosity.



“Mew,” she cries out from down the hall.

It’s late and she wants her evening routine.

She beckons me to follow her,

First to the bed for her pets,

Then off to the bathroom for a sip

From her well-spring…the spigot on the tub.

I switch to a simple t-shirt nightgown,

Dump a fist full of pills in my hand,

And steal an icy swig from his glass.

She continues to sip as I wrap things up,

Then she guides me back to the bed.

A couple more pets and then she jumps down.

Time for her to chase brother,

And time for me to slip between the sheets.

A quick good night, then I get to drift away,

Off to another life in my dreams.

In the night, she jumps back up,

Snuggles in and warms my legs.

Brother joins in too by my side.

I’m their person. Now, sweet slumber for all.

poetry, writing

World’s End

Take me to the world’s end

Where the waters cascade off mountains

And the rains make everything lush and green.

Kiss my lips in pools of cooling waters

After hiking through the tropical forest.

Tuck a plumeria behind my ear

As we stand on the shore hand in hand.

Sweep my curled hair from my face

So I can see your loving eyes.

Grasp my hand and let’s run along the shore

Chasing the dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Let’s get lost in each other at the world’s end.



Be my muse, help my words flow.

A crooked smile and a sheepish grin,

Bring out my inner child and let’s have fun again

Then stroke my cheek with your gentle yet strong touch,

And look upon my with eyes filled with love

Melt my heart and sweep me up,

Spin my head, thrilling me to my toes.

Find your way back to me, be my muse.



Beating hard from out of nowhere.

Why does my heart race so?

Lying here, not doing much at all,

But my heart feels like it’s dancing at a ball.

It pounds fitfully against my ribs,

Then soon starts the dread from within.

I feel the squeeze of a strong hand

Strangling it oh so tight.

I start to worry, is there something wrong?

But nothing is wrong, at least with me.

I worry it’s you and want to reach out.

I breathe deep, trying to tell you to calm,

Not sure if you can hear me in the ethereal.

Silly, I know, but the pain finally subsides.

My angst begins to fade as my body tires.

All I can do is hope all is good,

Nothing more for me to do.


Cracking Façade

Unsettled in her soul, but restrained

Can’t let it show, but the façade shows cracks

A wavering frown to smile, fighting it more

Building up the walls again, is it time?

Others come to her, she tries to ease herself,

But constant attention she cannot give.

There is only one of her, but four of them.

No, they aren’t her children!

But sometimes they act like it!

She questions herself; is she really cut out for this?

Confidence erodes after a rough two weeks.

Time to put her big girl panties back on,

And get back to work!


Cars, Cars, Cars

Squealing sounds and tire marks on pavement.

The loud cry of despair as she pulled away.

Her anger washed over her, betrayed.

The white Malibu spun its gold rims.

She hated them; he insisted on them.

Those reminders followed her for months.

Finally, she pushed that out of her life,

Trading in the keys for a 2004 Solara.

Now that car sits in the drive, 18 years later.

Still the symbol of her freedom although aged.

A reminder that she’s strong enough to be on her own,

Should there ever be a time she’s alone in the future.

She wonders, what does my future hold?