Break In – Chapter 8

Carol was determined to trace down the date of John’s arrest to see if it matched with her diary. She went in to the office and started digging in the archives.

“Carol, stop digging in the past!” Her editor bellowed as he entered the store room filled with volumes of old newspapers. “There’s no point to this.”

She looked up. “I need the whole story! I can’t leave it partially done.” She went back to filtering through the stacks. “I found it!” Relieved, she opened the paper to the Police report section. “Surely it will be here!” She scanned through the pages, but there was no mention of the arrest.

“Carol, we didn’t always get the reports in time to publish the next morning…check the next few days after,” he huffed at her. Under his breath he muttered “Junior reporters!” and shuffled back to his desk.

Triumphantly, Carol cried out “I found it!”

“Great, Carol. But I need the article for today’s paper done before you do any more work on this flight of fancy you have,” her editor ordered.

“Yes sir! Have it to you in a few!”

Now that she knew the information matched up, she knew she could go forward with pulling apart more information from Johanna’s diary. It was a part of the puzzle put together, and freed up some space in her mind to work on the current story. She whipped up the article on the current weather trends for her editor and submitted it, then headed home.

Back home, Carol pulled out the leather blue journal, and began to intently read on.

John still hasn’t written back from jail. I can’t go visit him according to the jail, but I was hoping to hear back from him.

A week goes by in the journal.

Nothing arrived still today. I’m wondering if our getting back together just was a fling for him. Why hasn’t he written?

Two more weeks go by in the journal.

Gary came by today to check in on me. He sat in his car for a few minutes before he finally knocked on the door just like old times. We got to talking and I mentioned not hearing from John. He has some connections at the jail; he’s going to find out if there is some sort of reason behind it. He seems concerned.

Three days later.

I am heartbroken. I cannot believe that John has been refusing my letters. One of the officers told Gary that John is not communicating with anyone. Gary listened to me through all my sobbing. I don’t know how to do this on my own.

A week later.

Gary has been so attentive. He’s offered to stand by my side since John has completely stopped all communications. I’m so grateful to have someone who cares. Maybe it’s better this way.

Carol paused and thought to herself. Why does this sound like a made for TV mystery where the new guy framed the old flame?

She needed some answers from John. She set everything aside for the evening, intent on locating John the next morning.

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