Learning from Darkness

She walks through the dark forest, gently, listening to the sounds. The dim forest gives way to beams from the full moon overhead as they stream through the branches.

An owl hoots in the distance, then the flap of wings rushes by as he takes flight chasing a late night meal.

She pauses, listening intently. The leaves rustle in the wind. The owl flies back over and lands in the nearby tree.

She spies a clearing in the distance, with a large rounded rock, awash with moonlight. Twigs snap and leaves crunch as she makes her way to the clearing.

She perches onto the rock, looking up towards the sky, taking in the moonbeams and then closing her eyes. The heavens swirl above her as she drifts into her own mind.

She hears her own breathing, slow and steady. Each inhale fills her lungs with cool night air. Each exhale releases the stress from her body. She settles into a half lotus position and calms herself.

She smells the dampness of the forest, it’s mosses and flora aromas fill the air. Her hair curls into ringlets in the humid air, clinging around her face and her neck.

Her shoulders release and lower. She enters a trance like state, aware of her surroundings, but lost in her thoughts at the same time.

Her mind wanders through a myriad of memories. She visits the bright spots, finding comfort and joy.

The darkness is there, but she works hard to prevent it from entering. She dealt with those pains for long enough. However, they begin to take over her mind.

She refocuses on the lessons learned during those dark times…trust your heart, keep up your guard, and reflect on the positive.

More happiness than sorrow fills her life. She knows her life is good. She knows her life can be better and is working towards it. She feels re-energized.

The owl begins to hoot again, bringing her back to reality. She opens her eyes, and smiles. Find the positive, learn from the negative, and appreciate every moment.

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