Girls Weekend

Drinks! Drinks! More Drinks!

You need some sparkle — a puff of glittery powder on the cleavage.

Lidded cups to take them to go.

Fumbling to get in the car.

Designated driver, sober and laughing.

Dinner at Haru. Sushi and calamari and drinks.

Girls gone wild. The restaurant sits us out of the way.

Blondie number 1 gets hit on as she walks to the restroom.

Giggles all around. Sorry boys, we’re all married!

We find our way back and find the pool.

More drinks. More fun. The designated driver gets to unwind.

Blondie number 1 shows her plank.

Hop out of the pool; chubby brunettes can plank too! See!

Red and Blondie number 2 laugh at our antics.

Tired, passing out as our night closes down.

Early morning.

Sneak out of the room, don’t want to disturb the others.

On the beach before sunrise as dawn begins to break.

A quiet walk for the sober one, camera in hand.

A nest of baby turtles hatch, the most amazing site.

They flipper their way to the water, I catch a few shots.

The sun breaks over the horizon. I’m amazed by the numbers.

Make my way back and grab a hot tea.

Tip-toe through the room and out to the balcony to enjoy the rest of the morning.

A final breakfast with the girls, then we go our separate ways.

Girls weekends go too quick.

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