poetry, writing

Find Me

I hope you find

The girl who wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail

And the woman who is finally taking steps to get there one day.

The girl who fell in love with the Rockies,

And still longs to be there by your side.

The girl who believes in unconditional love,

But never wants to break another’s heart.

The girl who giggles at silliness and the woman who admires honesty.

The girl longing for adventures and the woman who wants to share them with you.

The girl with fire in her heart and tenderness in her touch.

The woman who tries to find calmness in this crazy world.

The girl who still can crack a dirty joke or two.

The woman who turns you on with just her words and a smile.

The girl that challenges you to your very core, and the woman who smooths the road before you.

The girl who wants to listen to your heart, and the woman who wants to hold your hand to the very end.

I hope you find me.

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