Coastal Calamity – Part One

Yarl Riku pounded his staff onto the hard coral mound, commanding the attention of the Guard. It was not often he wielded his power, but for now, it became necessary.

“Guard, we need your vigilance and your protection at this desperate time. I require eight volunteers, four to protect the royal family, and four to accompany me on a mission to Terra.”

A low murmur could be heard from the Guard. It was a rare event for the Yarl to interact with Terrans, especially given their short history on the planet.

“The rest of you will have increased patrol duties until this crisis can be resolved.”

Jon floated forward, “I volunteer for either assignment, sir.”

Riku nodded at Jon, his oldest friend. “You shall accompany me, Jon. Others?”

Soon, three others floated forward. “Sam, Rob, and Tim, thank you. I need four more…”

Diana and three additional mermaids floated forward, volunteering.

Riku paused. They were well skilled, but he did not believe any of the maids would step forward. He knew his next action could set the tone for years to come.

“Thank you! Diana, you, and Mikala will join Jon and Tim on our journey to Terra. The other two will serve as additional guards for the Royal family with Sam and Rob.”

“The rest of you will receive your assignments shortly. Dismissed.”

Jon floated up next to Riku. “Sir, should we call in any others to be protected at the Seamount?” He gave Riku a knowing smile.

“No, it will not be necessary. Morgen will accompany us to Terra. Her presence is vital to the success of our mission.”

Jon nodded his head, but was surprised by the direction. Riku often protected her more, although she had always been capable.

Riku turned to all of the volunteers. “Take care of any open affairs today and meet up at the Seamount at first light.”

With that, everyone dispersed. Riku headed to Morgen’s to solicit her to accompany him to Terra. She would not deny the Yarl’s request, but he hoped she would welcome it.

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