Coastal Calamity – Part Four

The team arrived at the entrance to Terra. They swam into a cavern which had a shallow landing area. Yarl Riku and Morgen surfaced first. Morgen exhaled the water in her lungs then took in a deep breath of air. She was a little lightheaded from the rush of air. Her eyes flickered to a deep purple as she looked at Riku. He was always intrigued when her eyes would change.

Jon signaled to Diana before surfacing for her to watch him, then do as he does. They both emerged from the water and he exhaled the contents of his lungs then breathed in a deep breath. Diana exhaled afterward, but when she inhaled, she began to cough viciously. “Exhale more, you need to empty your lungs!” Jon commanded.

Diana exhaled again with a mixture of air and water coming out of her mouth, and started giggling. “Not as graceful as underwater, that’s for sure!” she chuckled as she wiped her face off. She then took in another large breath of air and smiled. “The air is sweeter than I expected.”

Myrlina next appeared, with vials in her hand. She opened one vial of green iridescent liquid and swallowed it whole. Around her the water churned and bubbled. She swam over to a lip in the pool of water and pushed herself out of the water. Modesty was not a concept for sea creatures, but Myrlina stood up and walked over to a small table. “These were left for us by the VonTiths. They will expect we be clothed when they arrive.” She slipped on a short gown and walked back to the edge of the pool.

“Yarl Riku, since you have done this before, let’s have you go next.” She handed him a vial which he quickly downed and transformed. Riku jumped out of the pool and swiftly slid on a pair of trousers.

Myrlina stooped down next to Morgen. “You’re next. Ready?”

Morgen looked uneasy, but took the vial and downed the potion. She felt her tail split into two and strange appendages appeared below her hips. Morgen pushed herself out of the pool into a seated position and stuck her legs out in front of her, trying to figure out how to use these sticks to stand.

Myrlina picked up a dress and draped it over Morgen’s head as she sat there, then offered a hand for her to stand up. Morgen was a little unsteady at first, teetering like a newborn taking her first steps. Myrlina escorted her over to Riku who took over duties to teach Morgen how to walk with these new legs.

Myrlina returned to the pool to help the remaining Guard out of the pool and into clothing. The Guard members plodded back and forth, heavy on their feet. However, Morgen took to walking fairly quickly as Mrylina expected.

Riku took Morgen into his arms. She pulled back, looking around. “Yarl, what are you doing?” Her eyes grew large as she looked around at their team.

“Dancing. We will need to practice.” He wrapped his arm around her waist and held one of her hands up. “Just follow my lead.”

While Morgen may have quickly walked, she fumbled a bit and stepped on his toes as he tried to lead. She couldn’t lift her head up, she was too busy watching her feet.

Riku started to laugh and let her hand go, the lifted her chin. “We will practice more later. I’ll need to tell you about the VonTiths and get you caught up on the details for our visit.”

The tapping sounds of footsteps began to grow louder from the tunnel. A beautiful blond haired, blue eyed Terran entered the cavern. “Hello, everyone. I’m Corinna VonTith, your host for your visit and First Lady of Aurora.”

The travelers looked up. Morgen’s mouth dropped. “Lynnia?”

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