Coastal Calamity – Part Three

At first light, the team assembled to head to Terra. Yarl Riku addressed the volunteers from the Guard. “Today, you will be on a peaceful mission to Terra, but each of you are responsible for the safety of our traveling partners, Morgen whom many of you know, and Myrlina.

Myrlina bowed her head to the Guard and Morgen. Her hair was wild and cropped short with electric blue and violet streaks. She looked unlike the typical mermaid. Her tail was a deep royal blue and violet pattern, very rarely seen.

Riku continued to speak. “Myrlina is skilled in the art of transformation. She is knowledgeable in how to alter our fins into the necessary legs we will need to walk on Terra.”

Morgen and the Guard’s eyes widened in wonderment.

“It doesn’t hurt. I have done the transition before. But, it does feel odd to move upright and in legs. We will have a bit of time to practice once to get to Terra before we encounter our hosts, the VonTiths.”

Morgen’s nerves showed as her tail changed to pastel colors. Riku saw and smiled encouragingly her way. Morgen spoke up, “How long will it take and how long will we stay that way?” She wasn’t too thrilled with losing her tail for this trip.

Myrlina spoke with an air of confidence which only advanced age brings. “The transformation is quick, no more than a few minutes. I will reverse the change when we are ready to return.”

Diana next spoke, “But Terra is full of air. How do we breathe?”

Riku looked at Diana with surprise. “Have you never breathed air, Diana?” She shook her head.

Jon floated up to her. “Sir, I will show her how.”

The Yarl replied, “Very good. Then let’s head out.”

The trip to Terra would take only a short time, less than one tenth of the daylight. The team spoke amongst themselves. Myrlina swam up to the Yarl. “Sir, I should have some words with Morgen before we arrive. Should I inform her of Lynnia while we speak?”

Riku flashed back to their shared youth. Oh, Lynnia, what a number she did on both Riku and Morgen. Thank goodness she moved on from it. “Hold off on Lynnia; I should share that with Morgen. But please speak with her on the rest.”

Myrlina nodded and swam closer to Morgen. Morgen’s tail was back to its normal colors, she had worked through the initial nerves. “Morgen, I will need to go over a few more things with you regarding our visit to Terra.”

Morgen still wasn’t thrilled about this. “Did you know I knew your parents?” Morgen was surprised. Her family didn’t know many from the Seamount and kept to themselves. “Yes, see, you are from the Split Tail clan, as am I. This means you are already adept at walking. But you do not remember this as you were very young when we transformed you to a single tail like most of the other mermaids. Your da’ wanted you to keep your dark hair as a reminder.”

Morgen looked at Myrlina with confused eyes. “That’s not even possible!”

Myrlina continued. “You will need to be more adept at walking than the Guard. The Yarl is already knowledgeable, but you should find the transformation easier than the Guard. While we are on land, you will also need to wear something called a gown. It is why you were chosen for this assignment.”

Morgen looked at Myrlina. “You mean, clothes? I have seen these things before, but why do we need to fit in to their world?”

Myrlina looked over Morgen. For all her intelligence, she had a hard time fitting in at times. “Morgen, the Yarl is counting on you to stand by his side through these discussion and your counsel. Can you do it?”

Morgen paused a moment, getting her bearings. Walking, clothes, Terrans…she could do it, but Riku was going to owe her after all this was done. She half-heartedly smile and nodded in agreement to Myrlina.

Terra was just up ahead. Soon, there would be no turning back.

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