Take a Hike – Part Three

Saturday had a chilly start. Bundled in a fleece jacket and warm lycra pants, she hunted down her camera in the predawn light. Slowly, the dark skies gave way to the distant glow of the sun.

She donned her sandals and stepped out of the tent. The field behind her was filled with white blossoms which had bloomed overnight. Hundreds upon hundreds of these flowers showed off their beauty in the early morning hours.

She wandered aside the field then over to the water for some sunrise photos over Florida Bay. The sun slowly peaked out through distance clouds as it rose above the keys out towards the east.

She headed back to the tent and was greeted with a hot tea, freshly brewed. Her partner had his coffee in hand. They took a seat on their tent’s porch and enjoyed the view of the water.

The temperature remained in the mid 70s during the day, perfect for a hike on the Snake Bight Trail. The trail was straight and long. It went from heavy shade to shady, to almost no shade in the final third of the trail.

Birds chirped, but stayed well hidden in the trees. No other wildlife was seen during their hike. Bromeliads and orchids dotted the tree limbs. Some had spiked flowers of oranges and reds, some even were purple.

As the trail approached its end, the trees turned grey and no leaves were to be found. They found themselves in a driftwood forest, barren except for the occasional ibis hiding in the tree. A small boardwalk led them over the stream which the trail had followed, allowing them to see out over Snake Bight. A bight is a small inward curve of the coastline.

Herons, egrets, and ibis made their rounds in the distance, fishing for their food. They stopped for a few minutes to get some snacks and water, then enjoyed the scenery before making the trek back inland.

The sun and exercise had zapped most of her energy. When they arrived back to the tent, she found her way to the bed, enjoying the cool breeze rushing through the tent. Quickly, she drifted off to a well-earned nap.

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