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Abandoned Memories

A reflection of a place I spent playing with my cousins as a child. It has been long gone, but this is what I envision it looked like before they tore it down.

The garage stood vacant all these years.

Creaking and groaning escaped the stairs

as they climbed up to the side door.

Inside, the building was musty and damp.

Kudzu and vines grew through the cracks.

The first floor had an oil stained concrete floor

where Granddad’s old car had sat for years.

They found the staircase to the second floor.

A tread here and there missing,

forcing them to take lengthy strides to reach the top.

Wood paneled walls surrounded the second floor.

The old billiard table lost its footing, leaning haphazardly.

The joists spongy and the floor planks sagged.

It wasn’t safe to stand any more, so it had to go.

They took a final look around and said goodbyes.

Tomorrow, our playhouse would be gone.

April 7, 2021 ~DRM~

Please visit my poetry page throughout the month for all of my poems for April: https://dawnreneewrites.com/?page_id=1378


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