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Happy Place

Finding my happy place is never hard, but I just need time to get there, even if it is only in my mind. Anywhere in nature will do, the mountains, the beach, trails along a lake, a garden or some other beautiful place. Today I highlight one of my favorites, the beautiful white sand beaches on the West Coast of Florida.

The wooden bridge creaks under my sandaled feet.

Weathered and aged, I remember when it was new.

I step out of my sandals and onto the sand,

walking towards the turquoise waters.

Sea grasses and sea oats line the path of pure white,

as if it were a passageway to another world.

A gentle breeze lifts up dragonflies flying in the wind.

The air is salty on my lips, the sand is soft powder on my feet.

I dip my toes into the gently lapping waves.

It transports me to a place of calm; I finally start to breathe.

April 20, 2021~DRM~

Please visit my poetry page throughout the month for all of my poems for April: https://dawnreneewrites.com/?page_id=1378


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