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The Final Bow

My heart weighed heavy at the start of this poetry month, having been unsure of my own mind, my present, my future, and a historic-sized wave of regret and nostalgia over the preceding few months. Mistakes were made and time was needed to work through my own unsurety.

Writing has been cathartic to help me refocus and move through it. I am more in the present and able to work through the challenges that lie ahead now. To close out my month of poetry, I hope you enjoy The Final Bow.

Everyone has darkness that they must overcome.

Depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, or anger.

Seek inside yourself the goodness you have

and find ways to move through darkness.

No one else can do it for you.

When dealing with others faced with darkness,

quiet the accusations, open your ears and heart.

Be honest, but be their light, so that they may see.

Darkness cannot drown out darkness.

Hope for them they can find their way.

Darkness cannot defeat the light, no matter how hard it may try,

but light can be seen through the dark, and help us find our way.

April 30, 2021~DRM~

Please visit my poetry page throughout the month for all of my poems for April: https://dawnreneewrites.com/?page_id=1378


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