The storm quickly approaches. Her knuckles turn white, tightly gripping the wheel.

The ferocious winds howl, racking her car as she tries to stay in her lane.

The waters are rising; she hopes she can make it home in time.

Her car pulls onto the arching bridge and a wind tunnel appears.

The waves and falling rain spin sideways around the bridge and her car.

The tunnel it forms is eerily calm with no wind inside.

The car swiftly moves through the tunnel to the top of the arch.

As she looks forward, she suddenly slams on the breaks.

She gasps as the car skids sideways and stops.

Gratefully, there are no other cars around her.

The other side of the bridge disappears beneath rising waters.

She backs up to the highest point of the bridge,

hoping the waters will not swallow her whole,

and waits.

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