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Work Life Balance

Pen to paper, scratch, scratch, scratch. Notes written in haste, important at the time.

Now they no longer make sense. They are just scribbles.

Hands to keyboard, click, clack, click. Emails and documents and meetings on top.

Work spins forward, as does life. But so much time wasted.

Talent and creativity, thrown aside just to meet a deadline. Just deliver on time.

Forcing the workday to end is hard, there is always more to do.

But I need quiet away, a moment to create, to escape, to renew.

2 thoughts on “Work Life Balance

  1. That’s the point. To work people so hard they have no time to create and cause trouble for the state or status quo. Creative people are very hard to control, therefore, it’s not taught, it’s not paid for and it’s not allowed, other than as hobbies, rather than life’s true work. It’s not by accident. it’s done on purpose to control the population. The first thing taken out of schools, when they need to cut the budget, is art and creative endeavors. The first people arrested when countries fall, are the artists. We have to fight back, if possible, because creativity is a dangerous thing.


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