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Ever After

The rocking chair creaked as she rocked back and forth,

Her bare feet leveraged against the wooden railing.

Her hair had silvered with age, and thinned as well,

but the curls still sprung when it was humid out.

Crows feet spread from the corner of her eyes

from all the laughter and tears of her life.

He walked out, the screen door groaning closed,

the way old screen doors do, and

he handed her a tea and took a seat beside her.

His eyes and smile still sparked a fire deep in her soul.

She dangled her other hand from the armrest

and he slipped his in, holding her tight.

They looked at each other and smiled.

It started with them and what happened in between,

well, there were many other lives and loves,

but their separateness helped them understand

what it meant to love and be loved.

And the sun set on them, together, in the end.

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