Decisions, Decisions

The recent days are just a blur. She placed the heels of her hands to her eyes and rubbed. Her mind raced through details as work grew around her. Her nerves were steady for once, but decisions need to be made.

They say to go for the thing that makes you scared, for that is where you will grow the most. But, is it what she really wants? She worked hard for the opportunity, but twice before saw it slip away like the finest of sand through a sieve.

She just got a promotion, doing what she knows she does well, but the opportunity will be a challenge for her. She never has feared things that were hard…always opting for them instead of complacency, unlike her home life. But she’s older now; does she have the stamina she believes it will take?

She lifts her head from her palms and tries to focus on the task at hand. A flurry of messages fly across her screen. She imagines what it must be like for those in the position she is considering.

Her mind spins with a bevy of questions. She needs to put them down and present them; then she will know better. Then she can make the decision.

Have you been faced with a career changing decision? How have you determined which path to take?

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