poetry, writing


Falling, falling, falling down,

but the bottom never finds her.

Her fear eventually turns to delight,

for she realizes she has found flight.

She sees the clouds and the sky,

but her descent does not cease,

she hits the water and continues to drift,

not needing to breathe, she sees,

turquoise waters surround her,

fish and aquatic life abound,

the sea turns into a deep sapphire blue.

Finally, the deep greens surround her.

Surely she’ll soon stop, but no,

she doesn’t as the sandy floor swallows her whole,

a portal opens and she continues the fall.

Purples and blues and flashes of lights,

the worlds around her begin to spin,

planets and moons and stars amaze her eyes,

endlessly she explores, unable to stop,

never finding the universe’s center or edge,

realizing how small we are,

how small we really all are.

Overwhelmed by insignificance,

overwhelmed by the grandeur,

part from sadness, part from joy,

slowly the tears well up in her eyes.

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