Waterside Camp

The old chevy rolled into the KOA. Four post-college-aged kids bumbled out of the car. The two guys, buddies since second year, took the lead as the men and checked them in. They came back with the key to the cabin and a map of the campgrounds. The cabin was on the other side of the campgrounds, just a few yards from the waters edge. They found their spot, and parked.

Turned out the cabin didn’t really have a view of the open water. Large shrubbery lined the waters edge. One girl pouted a moment, the other laughed. That’s what happens when the guys are in charge. Well, at least these two.

They walked in to the cabin to check out their accommodations. Two small double beds with about 3 feet in between and a small table furnished the wood cabin. This became home for the next two nights. The girls pulled down the mattresses leaning against the walls and made the beds while the guys found an excuse to go outside.

The girls, former roommates and best friends for years looked around then looked at each other. They both laughed aloud. They thought the guys had rented the cabin with a bathroom, kitchenette and living room, not one of these sites. But, they were ready to camp and enjoy the weekend.

“So, this is my first time camping,” admitted Mikaela. “So what should we do?”

Linda found her way to the edge of the bed and heaved out a sigh. “So, you know all those times my family went to the Disney Wilderness?”

Mikaela smiled at her. She knew what was to come next.

“Well, we typically camped in an RV. I’ve tent camped once.” She looked down at her toes, but Mikaela already knew about that trip. “Roughing it really isn’t my thing.”

Mikaela’s mouth dropped, but she quickly closed it. “I thought this was your idea?”

Linda blushed, “It was. I wanted to give it another try, but I thought we weren’t roughing it really.”

Mikaela looked around and smiled. This didn’t seem like roughing it to her. A solid roof, two beds, the roughest part was having to walk to the bathrooms a few buildings away. Although it was her first time camping, she’d see how the weekend would unfold.

They set their bags up on the beds. Linda decided to sweep out the cabin from the dirt and sand they had tracked in. Mikaela walked outside to get out of the way and see what the boys were up to.

The guys were sitting on the stoop, each with a can in hand, laughing. They had set up a hammock between the porch and a nearby tree. Mikaela made her way over to it and stretched out. She breathed out a sigh of relief to have a moment to unwind after the drive and setting up what she could.

“Comfy?” Sam walked over and swung the hammock.

Mikaela looked up and grinned, “Yeah. Wanna join me?” she winked at him and tried her best to make a sexy pose in the hammock. That’s pretty hard to do.

Sam just chuckled and climbed in smothering her in an embrace. “You know, it’s supposed to get cool tonight.”

She slyly looked up at his dark brown eyes and smiled, “Good. More reason to cuddle.”

A groan came out from behind them. Larry bellowed, “Get a room you two.”

The three of them busted out in laughter. Linda walked out as they calmed down. “What’s up?”

Larry looked up at her and stood up. “We’re just kidding around. Want to take a walk and give these two some private time?”

Linda rolled her eyes, but broke into a smile. They headed out to the water’s edge in the distance as Mikaela and Sam cuddled in closer as the breeze picked up.

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