Thud! A sickening sound echoed from the front of the house. The dining room window gave a shudder. A small body fell to the floor. My heart lurched in my chest and my mind sighed, Not another one.

Slowly I peeked out my head and there she lay – a small young cardinal. Her plumage still pale from her youth, although being female, she’d never see the bright red feathers. Her one wing stuck out and she stayed still, almost frozen.

Having learned from once before, I retrieved a small box and lifted her up then placed the box into the planter. She chirped a little and would be safer here than on the ground.

I kept an eye out as the afternoon moved forward. She quickly recovered. I spied a brightly colored friend darting in and out of the plumeria. I told myself he was checking on his friend.

Eventually, she fluttered her wings and floated out of the box. However, her wings still were weak from the bounce. She hopped around the planter and her friend came back to hang out with her.

He soared up to the oak and back a few times, encouraging her to join him. Finally, I spied him touch his beak to hers. Then the two took to flight.

I like to believe they are one of our nesting pairs we see around our home to this day. Their songs fill the air and make me smile.

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