Fly Me to the Moon – Part Three

Sam looked at Jon, then back at Mikala, then back at Jon. “Mike, you know this guy?” Sam sneered.

Mikaela took a brief moment and brushed Sam’s inquisition off. “Yeah, we worked together back on Earth ages ago. Got a problem, Sam?” Mikaela’s eyes locked with Sam’s, daring him to push.

“Oh, okay.” Sam stuttered. He wouldn’t challenge her after the look she gave him. “Guess we should get to work, Boss. What’s the plan?”

Mikaela straightened herself and began walking the team through the schematics. “Sam, you and Gene will need to head to storage bay eight to pull the machines now and take them to the lab. Jon, you and Scott meet me up in the lab on deck four at five, I mean 17:00, and we’ll start the builds. Everyone without an assignment have the night free. Meet back here at 8 tomorrow.”

The three without assignments bid everyone good night and seemed to be a bit giddy as they wandered off. Jon walked over to Mikaela as the others walked off. “Want to give me an overview, Mike?”

Mikaela grinned a moment, then turned serious. “Why are you here? Did you know this was my team?”

Jon knew there was a chance, but it wasn’t definite. He shook his head no.

Mikaela pursed her lips, halfway not believing him. “We’ll, you’re here, so I may as well use you.” She hesitated a moment, then pushed a button on the corner of the blueprint. It shrunk into a more manageable size. “Nanobots,” she flatly spoke.

Jon was impressed. He hadn’t seen that technology previously. “Handy!”

“I may as well show you instead of pointing to pictures. Follow me.”

Mikaela led Jon to the lift and pressed deck 8 then scanned her wrist over the security control. They descended down toward the core. The lift door opened to a pitch black corridor. As Mikaela stepped out, rows of lights turned on.

Jon took it all in. Every level of the station seemed to have different builders. This deck was ultra modern, sleek, and cold.

“You will want to dress warm down here. It is kept cold to offset the heat generated by the machinery.” Mikaela walked forward pointing out the server room and leading Jon to the main floor. “Our robots will be installed here.” She scanned the security control. Double doors opened as a large room lit up.

Jon looked around then turned to Mikaela. “Did you plan all of this?” He was flattering her and truly impressed.

She blushed a moment, more from embarrassment than taking it as flattery. “No, I’m not that smart.” She stammered. “A whole team of engineers designed this. I just deal with the machines.”

He knew her better than her words, but he let her off the hook. “It’s an impressive project. Glad I’m a part of it.”

She smiled, and lightly tapped him with a punch in the arm. “I’m glad you are too.” She looked at her watch. “We need to get to the lab.”

He marveled at how she switched back into boss mode as they headed back to the lift. They loaded onto the lift and she scanned to head up to deck four. The lift door closed as the lights turned off on deck eight.

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