Alright, alright

Life isn’t always easy. This, I know. I’ve stared down that barrel of darkness, searching every corner of life just for a small glimmer of peace, of joy, of happiness. Still do from time to time.

So, when I pick up those underscores, I want to make you smile. I want to bring a moment of lightness to what may be a very dark time.

Sometimes that’s by making awful jokes and saying stupid things. Sometimes it is painting a piece of imagery so absurd. Sometimes it’s even being a derp, just to make you snicker or roll your eyes.

You try to hide it, but I see.

I don’t have the answers, even when I try. Oh, I wish I could wave a wand and make it all all right, for him, for her, for them, for you. Especially for you.

I will always hold you tight and want to kiss away the pain, even if I can’t touch you. I’ll sit beside you in the darkness if I can’t bring you light if that’s what you need. I hope you always know this; it will be alright.

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