Changing Dynamics

I find it interesting how the dynamics of working on IT are changing…and hope it is for the better.

I am always amazed when I hear or see stories regarding the early days of the space program. Some of the most technical aspects and computations were worked out by women. I wish that generation had been able to promote this more, but they couldn’t. Women worked behind the scenes back then.

Today, I sat in a call with 9 others discussing the future. I was the only female. It was a bit disheartening. However, I know it is changing.

I turn and look at my own team and other teams I work with. Some are well balanced; others are not. Both men and women working well together to build our future.

I know plenty of female developers, analysts, and managers. So I take solace in knowing the dynamic is changing and headed toward balance.

But, I wish there were more out there, with stronger skill sets equal to their male counterparts. The industry needs people with technical skills balanced with those soft skills we’re known for.

If you know a girl who loves science, technology and math, or maybe is a whiz at them but shies away from the fields “because that’s not what women do”…please encourage them to dive in and take that leap. They will be able to accomplish phenomenal things with the right knowledge and courage.

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