Snowy Owl Lane – The Day

“It’s a surprise. Trust me.”

He slipped a silken strip of fabric over her eyes, and snugly tied it. Then he gently took her hand.

“Follow me.”

He tugged on her arm and led her out the door. As they stepped out, the screen door squealed shut. The wood frame clapped against the opening. She smiled from the familiar sound.

He stopped and stepped in front of her, then took both of her hands. “Step down. Again. Once more.”

She followed his commands, already knowing they were stepping off the front porch.

He turned her around, trying to disorient her, then he let go of both hands and took a few steps. “Follow my voice. I won’t let you trip.”

She continued following him. She could hear running water in the distance and the rustling of the leaves. She knew where she was headed, off toward the edge of their property. But, she wondered why.

“Okay, stop.”

She tilted her head. She knew she wasn’t all the way to the creek, where the picnic table sat. Why would they stop here?

He walked back to her then stepped behind her. He loosened the knot and slipped off her blindfold. He whispered in her ear, “Look.”

She opened her eyes. The trees along the creek glowed from fairy lights and lanterns. It had to take hours to string up all the lights. The creek side had transformed into a dream from a fairytale.

Their picnic table underneath the trees had flowers and lanterns, along with a jug of sangria and a steak dinner.

Her eyes lit up and a large smile came across her lips as she turned into his arms. “It’s amazing. Thank you,” then she paused. She searched her mind for some special occasion. She came up empty though. “But, but, why?”

He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Today is the day, the day I knew.”

“Knew? Knew what?” She searched his face for an answer.

He grinned wider than she had seen in years. “I knew it would be you!”

She melted into his arms as they embraced in the glow. He slipped out of her arms and led her off to the table. Then, after taking their seats, he took her hand. “Thank you for making my dream come true.”

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