Mind Stream

Ruby reds, sapphire blues,

Emerald greens among other hues.

I don’t know which is my favorite,

How about you?

Isn’t it funny, as children we pick

Some of our favorite things…

Some of these change,

while others follow us through.

I have hated and loved tomatoes,

But can rarely go without ketchup,

Yes even on eggs or Mac-n-cheese…

I know, I know, that’s weird.

I’ve loved writing as a kid,

then hated it as I grew

when it became something I had to do.

I’m back to enjoying it now, thank you.

Seriously, you know who you are,

Thank you.

I still like to watch birds and other creatures

Who fly high into the clouds.

I thought I might be an ornithologist,

But another calling called,

Then lost me somehow.

So on I go babbling,

This stream catching my thoughts,

swinging my legs from this hammock,

Looking for peace that can’t be bought.

The sun is setting, the evening is cooling.

The sky is getting dim.

I guess it’s time for me to head in.

Happy weekend to all;

And may you find your dreams within.

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