War. A foreign land wanting superiority.

Innocent lives retreating to safety.

Destruction just to show one’s might.

The whole world knows this isn’t right.

Ugliness like this should be lost,

There’s too much toll and human cost.

I don’t understand the whole story,

But hope they resolve this in a hurry.

I fear it’s all about power, land, and oil,

The greediness just makes my blood boil.

One thought on “War

  1. His goal is to make Russia great again. He still hasn’t gotten over the end of the cold war and the end of the Soviet Union. He said it was the biggest political disaster in the 20th century. He was KGB and he’s still furious that all of that ended. He said he wants people to fear Russia, as they did in the past. Little boy bully, literally getting away with murder.


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