Boot Free


The tiny cupie-haired child jumped in a circle.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Her father’s work boots pounded with each jump.


Her face turned red speckled with white spots.

Big brown eyes started to tear.

Her lower lip started to quiver.

Her little fists strained in frustration.

Her mother, astonished, looked at her cherub.

Should she punish her for saying that word?

No, she just smiled…

astonished she knew how to use it properly.

Just like her mom. That’s her girl.

She picked up her child, freeing her feet.

Wiped away the tears and kissed her head.

Then she set her back down, now boot free.

The little girl let out a giggling laugh

Then ran into the living room,

plopping down on her diapered butt.

Ready to play once more.

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