Wooded Peace

Dark mud squished between toes. The creature wiggles their feet and smiled. Jagged teeth flashed as it stomped about, laughing and lumbering among the trees. Caked on clumps of dried dirt covered it’s head while thick fingers reached out to the sky.

Dragonflies and butterflies darted about. The creature watched them in amazement. Brown eyes, caught in the sun, revealed a kinder, gentler side to this beast.

Flowers began to pop up as the trees thinned and a serene lake shimmered across the clearing. The beast feared the water, but followed its new found flighted friends to the shore.

The mud here squished too, but its feet sunk. The water began to bathe away the dirt. The beast paused a moment and outstretched its hand into the lake. The water muddied, but the hand came out clean. In awe, the creature stared at its massive glove.

A butterfly landed on its fingertip. The creature laughed and smiled. It found peace deep in the woods, away from the scolding it once endured in the far off land from where it came.

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