Much Enough

I thought I was never enough.

I still get those thoughts,

But I wanted you to know.

I thought I wasn’t pretty enough,

Thin enough, sexy enough,

Something enough.

But you, you made me want to work,

To be enough. And when it all failed,

I accepted that I just wasn’t enough,

That I would never be enough for you.

To survive, I decided

I’d take what I could get.

Never realizing I was worth so much more.

Grateful that those who came in my life

Were at least friendly and kind;

Perhaps I knew how to draw that line.

So I gave up dreams that wouldn’t fit,

And when overcome with anxiety, just sit.

Frozen in my mind, stopping any growth,

Except for my waist, because to them

it really did not matter either.

See, they were settling too,

for someone kind and smart,

accommodating and such…

It’s amazing what people will give up

How much they will compromise,

Especially to stop from being lonely,

To stop thinking they are not enough,

When they don’t believe

they’re worth very much.

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