NaPoWriMo, poetry, writing

Slaying Dragons

Neither willing to give up, but neither willing to change,

obligations and commitments to meet, isn’t it strange?

Cycles come and they go, returning again and again.

Perhaps one day their worlds will align, if so, when?

So, they start to distance themselves, and turn away,

to face the dragons they each must train or slay.

Bury their heads in work and pursue other goals,

filling their days and life while ignoring their souls.

One day this loop will come to its final end.

But will hearts break or celebrate, my friend?

April 30, 2022 – DRM

Not the tone I want to close out #NaPoMoWri, but this is where my mind is at the moment. Too much tv dramas while feeling under the weather, I think…saw a sad episode of The Last Kingdom last night. I hope this day shows me something light and uplifting so I might provide a bonus poem by day’s end.

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