Beach Escape

Her sandals glided across the hard floor. She closed her eyes as her palm rested on the cool marble top. It was a kitchen she could only dream of, and it was hers for only a few short days, not hers to keep. It wasn’t spacious, nor well appointed, although, based on her smile you would think it were. It was also now fully stocked for a week.

She looked out the window above the sink to the pool just outside. From here, she couldn’t see the beach, but the sky stretched out for miles as she looked out toward the mainland. She flung open the window to let the sea breezes enter her escape.

She wandered throughout the small duplex, opening every window and sliding door, inhaling the sweet salt air. It was only one of two places she felt she ever belonged. This time, the closer escape fit her needs. She hoped one day in the future she would find her way back to the mountains, but for now, the shore was calling.

As night settled, the island traffic stilled, and the skies grew dark. The occasional laughter of tourists, burnt crisp from too much sun and teetering from too much drink, would waft through the curtains. Her lips would curl into a smile knowing how others loved this place, but not as much as she.

She spent a few minutes writing in her journal. Some poetry, prose, and flowers and swirly designs decorated the pages. She didn’t think anyone would ever find this journal interesting in the slightest, but it was her way to clear her mind and capture her creative thoughts … a sure difference from her day-to-day work.

She decided to head out for a dip to relax and unwind. She stuck her toe into the pool and grinned; it was heated and welcoming. She slid in and every muscle gave way to the buoyancy. She swam across the small pool and found a ledge to rest on. Her legs stretched out and softly fluttered as her breathing slowed.

She looked up through the swaying palms to the whole moon above and smiled. She planned a week of nothing special for the coming week and it was the most wonderful plan of all. So far, it started out exactly as she hoped. She closed her eyes and breathed out.

The squealing of tires startled her back to the real world. Suddenly a loud crash came from out front of the home. She jumped out of the pool and ran toward the sound of twisting metal and flashing lights. Her breath shortened as she moved around the house, worried for whoever was in the car. Was everyone alright? She stopped and stood in awe. Before her she saw her own car, twisted, in the one-car accident.

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