Beach Escape – Part 2

A bright light blinded her. She lifted her arm, blocking the rays from her eyes.

“You there!” A man’s voice bellowed. “Everything alright?”

His footsteps were heavy. She saw a flash of a badge on his shirt and lowered her arm and he moved his flashlight away from her face.

She lifted her arm pointing, “My car…”

He stepped closer and pointed his flashlight at the vehicle. “Pretty car. Is something wrong?”

Her eyes followed his light. Her car sat in the drive without a scratch. She rubbed her eyes, confused.

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

She finally snapped from her trance, “Yes, sorry, I must have had a dream. Sorry to be a bother.”

The officer smiled. “Long days at the beach can cause that.” He tipped his hat. “Have a good night. Be sure to lock up.” He waved his hand toward the duplex.

She nodded, and turned to go inside. She heard her phone ringing as she stepped inside and picked it up.

“Hey, Mom! Yes, I’m settled in. Sure see you then.”

She sighed as she looked at the time. Maybe I just need some sleep. She wandered through the duplex, shutting the windows and turning down the lights then found her way to the bed.

The image of the mangled car drifted in and out of her mind as she tried to get some sleep. Such a strange thing for her to imagine. But, why?

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