Making Her Mark

Isabelle walked into the room. The music ceased, and all eyes turned to watch her.

Legs which went for miles in champagne stilettos. A silky white dress wrapped her as tight as a hug, with a slit up her left leg to mid-thigh. Her dark hair framed her tanned face. With her chocolate brown eyes, she scanned the room.

Slowly, the music resumed and the crowd went back to dancing. Men stole glances as she walked across the dance floor. The women would turn their men’s faces back to them as she walked by.

A smile crept across her face. She didn’t ask for the attention, but it made her walk taller and with greater confidence.

She approached the bar and requested a white sangria. Then she looked down the bar to the far end. Tall, blonde, and light eyes. He was dressed simply in khakis and a pullover sweater.

The perfect mark.

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