Garnet and Diamond Tiara

Hidden away in the catacombs under the fortress lied an old obsidian and marble box. Inside it lay the Earl’s most treasured jewel, a garnet and diamond encrusted tiara meant for his one true love.

He hid it deep in the catacombs to keep it safe from the Queen; she could never know of it. She would take it and make it hers if she ever did.

Through missteps and mishaps, the Earl and his true love headed out on separate paths, but never did they forget. Neither had an easy life, but eventually everyone moved on. The Earl met a lovely woman who became his bride, but he couldn’t present her with this tiara, knowing in his heart it belonged to someone else.

An age passed and the Earl and Countess raised a lovely family. But the Earl still missed the one from his past. He decided to check on the tiara, to ensure it remained secured. So he snuck away in the night and wandered the catacombs to the hiding place.

He moved away the stones which blocked the hidden recess where the box sit, and gently pulled out the box. It was covered with cobwebs and dust from the ages. He blew away the particles and opened the box.

In that moment, he crumpled to his knees. Before him on the velveteen covered interior was no tiara. He gasped and with wide eyes looked in horror. How could it be gone?

He laid the lid bottom side up, then realized a piece of parchment was folded and tucked into the recess. In fine calligraphy, the outside read “Earl Whitney” in blood red ink.

He removed the thin and aged parchment, then carefully unfolded it. Inside, the letter read…

My love,

Although for now we weren’t meant to be,

I know you had this made for me.

So away I take it and now I flee,

But always know I love thee.

Should you find yourself one day free,

And if I may be the same hopefully,

I hope you find me walking Leffis Key,


With the letter in his hand, tears burst forth from his eyes. The Earl dare not show such emotion in sight of others. His face however, smiled, for now he knew. Knowing for now would have to do.

He removed a small token from his finger and laid it inside the box. He would return here every few weeks and leave her something more each time.

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