Opals Afire

A disturbance call brought Alex to the scene in the outskirts of Chicago. It had been raining all day, and typically these calls were rare in this type of weather. She arrived on scene to a deserted road and nothing much else. She looked out of the car and saw something out of place.

A lone scarf fluttered from a tree branch, ensnared as it’s wearer disappeared into the night. The pavement was wet and the lights along the path flickered as the storm raged on.

Alex tightened the belt of her coat and pulled the collar closer as she inspected the fine cashmere cloth. A small label revealed its maker and its origin…Dubai, UAE.

She pulled the scarf away, admiring its beauty. The finely woven pattern in light and royal blue hinted at the owners taste. But, who was she, and why would such a fine piece be left behind? A mystery awaits its unraveling.

The blue and red light flashed behind her, and reflected against the marble wall, lighting up the sidewalk in pulses. Each time the pulse would pass, something in the grass, beside the wall, would catch her eye.

Alex walked over, tracking the source to a small patch by a blooming camellia. She bent down to inspect it further. Among the blades of green, she saw the flash again, and picked up the shining object with her gloved hand.

From it dangled a white gold link bracelet with three opals. The design appeared to be middle eastern. It may be from the same person who lost their scarf.

She looked over the camellia bush and saw flowers littering the grassy area and some broken branches. Something definitely happened here, but what?

She flashed her light through the park, but found no one. Finally, she decided there wasn’t much more to do at the scene. She turned with the item in hand, and proceeded back to her car.

She would need to find out more in the lab.

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