Stormy Love

Thunder pealed across the sky, rattling windows and startling those who dare sleep on such a stormy night.

She walked to the window and gently pulled back the shade. Blue and purple lightning danced across the blackened sky. As the flashes illuminated the dark, growing storm clouds blew up.

The winds picked up, slamming overhanging branches on the roof. A chill ran up the spine as a bolt struck the opposite edge of the lakeshore.

She rubbed her arms to comfort herself. Storms rarely bothered her, but this one was different. Goosebumps made her shiver once more.

Then, she felt his presence behind her. Warmth radiated from his body. He stepped closer and enveloped her in a hug. She suddenly felt safe in his arms.

He whispered softly in her ear, “Come back to bed.” Then he kissed the crook of her neck. He lowered his arms and took her hand, leading her back to their bed.

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