Savor the Nectar(ine)

Stirring away in a cluttered kitchen,

Metal bowls clanging away,

measuring spoons doing the same.

Chopping up the nectarines into cubes,

Sneaking in a couple of bites.

Pacing to the pantry, the fridge, and back,

Each trip either putting away something,

Or pulling out another ingredient.

Combining and mixing until just right,

Barely kneading the concoction into a ball.

Chilling and slicing, then laying them out.

The oven greets them with a warm hug;

Soon the house smells like a bakery,

And the timer buzzes with anticipation.

Making the glaze is a final step, and

A quick little drizzle, then they’re complete!

Fresh made vanilla glazed nectarine scones.

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