Escape from Nothing

She screamed into the darkness in despair.

Not a sound echoed, not a sound returned.

The abyss swallowed her voice.

She trembled, but not from the cold.

There was…nothingness.

No heat, no cold. No light. No sound.

She’d fall to the floor if she could,

But there was no floor, no ceiling, no walls.

Her pale feathers wrapped around her as she balled up.

Tears welled in her eyes, but then disappeared.

There was no liquid, no dryness.

She closed her eyes, and the view was the same. Nothing.

She opened them again, peering into the dark.

Finally, something. Red in the darkness.

She heard a sound when she thought she was most lost.

Metal on metal. Boot to girder.

The emptiness had lied.

The plodding footsteps advanced.

Steadily and then they picked up speed.

She feared what was to come.

Was this the end?

She saw the crimson outline of dark wings.

Saturated in blood.

She shuddered, her white wings began to glow with blue light and stood on end.

She closed her eyes tight, flinching as he neared.

Then, the softest touch on her cheek.

She slowly opened her eyes.

His lips parted, his voice was as gentle as the softest lamb.

It’s okay. I am here.

When they touched, the darkness faded.

He scooped her up from her floating position.

In the light she could now see that she knew his face.

She was saved by his love once more.

His boots continued to clink against the ground.

Hours passed in the vastness, but their light helped lead them along their way.

Finally, he found the path that would lead to their escape from this dark place.

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