Double Dipper Folly

Are you a double dipper?

No, I’m not talking about when you dunk your tostado chip in the salsa twice.

I’m talking about a remote worker or almost fully remote worker, playing two companies, working two full time positions all the while hiding them from each other…and trying to fit it all in an 8-hour workday.

Guess what. You suck at your jobs. That’s right. One if not both companies see you as a poor performer.


You fail to show up to meetings.

You check out during meetings and worktime doing work for the other company.

Your team is constantly asking for you to pay attention.

You’re missing your deadlines.

The quality of your work is half-assed.

The rest of the team is picking up the slack.

…and they are mad at you!

You are forgetting assignments because you are overloaded.

Management sees the overload, but is questioning why with such a small workload.

Side gigs are great, but when they interfere with the real money maker, you have to decide…or the company will!

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