“Mew,” she cries out from down the hall.

It’s late and she wants her evening routine.

She beckons me to follow her,

First to the bed for her pets,

Then off to the bathroom for a sip

From her well-spring…the spigot on the tub.

I switch to a simple t-shirt nightgown,

Dump a fist full of pills in my hand,

And steal an icy swig from his glass.

She continues to sip as I wrap things up,

Then she guides me back to the bed.

A couple more pets and then she jumps down.

Time for her to chase brother,

And time for me to slip between the sheets.

A quick good night, then I get to drift away,

Off to another life in my dreams.

In the night, she jumps back up,

Snuggles in and warms my legs.

Brother joins in too by my side.

I’m their person. Now, sweet slumber for all.

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