Country Mornings

The crow of the cock echoed through the open bedroom window. Sunlight streamed in, casting warmth on bare arms resting over the covers. Her eyes fluttered open to see cotton candy pink clouds in the dawn. The gentle slopes of the mountains framed the sky.

In these early hours she enjoyed being where her ancestors lived. For several generations, they explored these mountains, farming the land, and digging into the ground, unearthing treasure from below.

However, later this day would bring throngs of family. She enjoyed time with some of her cousins, but massive family gatherings were too people-y for her tastes.

For now, the smells of breakfast floated through the air. Freshly baked biscuits, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and pork chops made her mouth water. She especially loved her grandmother’s biscuits with butter and strawberries on top.

She slipped out of bed and straightened her hair, then wandered out into to hall to wish everyone good morning.

Inspired by visits to my grandparents home as a child.

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