Rambling to Motivate

So many excuses get in my way,

Work demands are unpredictable,

And this dizziness makes me afraid.

Top it off with a heaping dose of

Depression and self-loathing,

A frightful combination ensues.

But I know it needs to change,

I need to get into me too.

Not to go back to that twenty-year old physique,

But to find my way to, gulp, fifty,

And be fit for our upcoming spring retreat.

Hawaii is on the horizon,

a once in a lifetime escape,

And I want to wear a skimpy sarong

Wrapped around my nape.

Now it’s time for me to return to getting out,

Fighting the snooze and overcoming my pout.

Put that foot out, step by step,

And know I do it for me, and no one else.

It was easy when I did it for you,

I really don’t know why.

But this time it can’t be, so I sigh.

He doesn’t care, round is a shape,

But he’ll get the benefits when I have a smaller waist.

That will be okay, as long as I keep it up;

As long I remind myself, this is for me.

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