Wonder When

Years from now…

She looked at the clock anxiously. She slipped into the crimson dress she had designed for herself. The deep vee and the a-line skirt fit her perfectly. It was a splurge, but perfect for this occasion.

Silver dangles floated from her ears, while a lone pendant rested in her cleavage. She applied a finishing swipe of lipstick on her lips, kissed a tissue, then looked into her full-length mirror.

Turning sideways, she sighed, but then smiled. She’d worked hard to get here, so at least it was improved. She lengthened her height by raising her heels from the floor. Yes, the black pumps…she thought to herself. I will kick myself later, but still… Then she slipped a pair of flats into her purse, just in case.

She flipped off the bathroom lights as she walked out to the bedroom. A pair of kittenish eyes looked up at her and chirped from the bed. Softly, she ran her fingers across his furrowed brow.

“I’ll be back later. Go find your sister.”

He rolled on his back, begging for belly rubs. She couldn’t deny him; he was just too cute at times. Finally he rolled back on his side and settled in for a nap.

She made her way through the house, locked up, then headed to her car. The chimes in the car lit up as the engine turned over. Eighties music filled the cabin. Her license plate captured her life…wonder when…

She looked at her dark eyes in the rear view mirror. Suddenly, butterflies filled her stomach. Seeing him after all these years, after fulfilling their own obligations, filled her with both excitement and fear.

The weather was beautiful and her drive was eventless. Traffic lights all turned green as she neared her destination. Her path was clear, almost hurrying her along to their meet up.

Was there some sort of cosmic force at play? She mused to herself. After decades, this would be the first time they’d be face to face.

She pulled into a spot next to the restaurant. The sunset shone brightly before her. She slipped out of the car and raised her hand. A familiar silhouette stood before her on the stairs. He waved.

A giddy smile came over her face as her fears disappeared. When was now.

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