Inconsolable, I fell down the well of darkness.

Hurting, curled up, tired of the emotional beatings.

No one is responsible for my pain,

It is my own mind unleashing wrath,

Anxiety blowing events out of proportion.

He tries to understand, but doesn’t

He stands there, cross armed, grilling.

What happened? How can I help?

I don’t understand you through your tears.

How can he not see that I need to be held?

I need warmth and soothing and comfort.

I won’t ask though. I can barely get out a word.

Nothing he did, just getting overwhelmed.

Embarrassed in front of my peers and staff.

A clueless and careless presentation by another.

Do this, don’t to that! See this, don’t do this.

It is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But he doesn’t understand. So he walks off.

Letting me writhe in my own pain.

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