Storm’s A’Comin’

Oppressive heat took over the once air conditioned room. A lone window opened to the world outside revealed what was sure to come. No cooling breeze to lift spirits; instead breaths were full of sighs. Nothing would be easy as limbs are heavy with sweat.

Moving the large and small pots into the already crowded garage proved tough. So much of this stuff needs to go, but not this week. Storm’s a’comin’ and that takes priority.

Battery backups and chargers plugged in, filling up the power. Water stockpiled along with non-perishable foods. This time, they took it a little more serious. The last one left them in the dark for a week.

Plans put in place; their home would be the family home base. Time to set up the bed in her office to host nephew and kitty. The other room ready for mom.

A spare blow up mattress available too, should anyone else need. Now we watch and wait. Hopefully it keeps moving West. Time will tell. Storm’s a’comin’.

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