The turquoise water shimmered in the afternoon sun as the breeze picked up her sun kissed curls. Shades obscured her dark brown eyes. Her white cotton dress floated around her tanned body.

He watched her from the bed in their bungalow. This getaway was exactly what they needed after dealing with the chaos back home. He saw the lines disappear from her face these past weeks as her stress melted away.

She turned back toward him and smiled. Her bare feet glided across the decking and then onto the polished hardwood. Her soft steps drew his attention to the curve of her ankles and calves.

As he watched, he realized her hem lifted. She pulled her dress up and over her head. He snickered as he realized she had a swimsuit on.

She placed the dress on a chair, then motioned to him with a curve of her finger. “Let’s swim.”

He slid off the bed and adjusted the band of his trunks. The wood floor felt cool against his bare feet as he crossed the floor. “Sure I can’t convince you to do something else?” He twisted his head towards the bed.

She blushed, then grabbed his hand, pulling him outside. “Later,” she giggled. “I want to take a dunk.”

She led him around to the small private dunking pool next to the bungalow. He stood back, enjoying the view of her as she disappeared into the water, then climbed in to join her.

She slipped the straps of her bathing suit off her shoulder and shimmied in the water, then dropped the suit to the side of the pool. Slowly, a smile crept across his face.

Maybe later was sooner than he expected.

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