Birth of a Star

I interrupt my own escape to bring this little story that I needed to get down…Enjoy!

She stretched out her hand and pinched the midnight sky. A brilliant burst sprayed out from her fingertips. She smiled and leaned back into his embrace.

He stared to the sky for several minutes, his jaw slightly gaping open. A barely audible sound of “Wow!” softly escaped his lips. His eyes, full of wonder, turned to her questioningly.

In her eyes, he could see the universe. In his eyes, she could see their future. This was the magic they shared; this is why they were entwined for always.

“Just for you. It’s yours forever, as is my heart.” She craned toward his cheek and planted a gentle kiss, then returned to his embrace.

Earlier that evening, he heard her pull up. The motor sounded different…a low growl instead of the purr of her car. He heard the motor shut off and, after a few moments, the squeal of the screen door, then her knock on his door.

She had asked him out for the night and wanted to make all the plans. All he had to do…wear some comfortable warm clothes and take a nap that afternoon. He still wondered about that nap, but he wasn’t one to turn a nap down either.

He opened the door. She stood there in a pullover sweater and jeans. Her curly hair bounced around her cherub face, and her cheeks were already blushed.

“Ready to go?” She asked excitedly.

He looked over her shoulder. A four-wheel truck sat in the drive. “Where’s your car?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s safe. This is a rental,” she chuckled as a smile spread across her lips. Her face became a little goofy looking as she tilted her head, “Well, you ready?”

He shook his head, locked up and together they headed to the truck. He noticed a tarp covered the truck bed as he climbed into the cab. The cab was warm compared to the light chill outside.

She climbed in to the driver’s side and turned over the engine, then backed out of the drive. Country music, mixed with pop, poured out of the speakers. She had an eclectic taste in music.

He shifted to look at her as she drove. “So, what did you plan for us?”

She grinned and started, “If I tell you, I’d have to…”

He scoffed and finished her sentence, “kill me?”

She laughed then pasted a fake serious look on, “Well, no. Let’s just say torture would be involved.” She couldn’t contain laughing at herself.

He snickered as he understood what she meant by torture. “Oh no! Save me!” He faked consternation.

She giggled, but remained focused on the road. She slowed to a crawl, looking for her turn. Finally, she found the gravel road.

She turned and the truck bounced about as they moved along. The gravel crunched under the tires.

He asked quizzically, “Where are we headed?”

She refused to answer as the truck pushed through the overgrown bushes. The road seemed to twist and turn. Occasionally, the overgrowth would give way to views of mountains in the distance.

She finally spied the small wooden sign pointing to the left. She pressed the brakes, sending gravels scattering on the road, then pulled into the grassy meadow.

She drove out along a dirt road about 150 yards, then pulled off the road into the high grass and put the truck in park. She turned to him and asked, “Will you help with the tarp?”

Without a word, he hopped out and began untying the endless knots, pulling back the tarp. Soon he saw pillows and a warm blanket and a basket stuffed full.

She lowered the tail gate and hopped up, then swung her short legs up and stood up in the bed. “Just, give me a moment,” she asked as she straightened a few things up. She pulled out a picnic blanket and draped it across the tailgate, then set the basket on top. She stooped back down then sat and dangled her feet. “Come, sit.”

He hopped up and grinned at her. “So, this is your plan?” He took a cup she handed him and sipped.

She proceeded to pull out a variety of finger foods they could nibble on. “Yes. Do you like it?”

He leaned back as he bit into a meat and cheese roll up. Gently, he smiled and nodded yes. He knew she worked hard to pull this together.

“Look!” She whispered excitedly. A fawn jumped over the high grass across the meadow, then stopped and stared as the two of them. He bent down and nibbled on some blades of grass, and then bounded over the ridge.

They chatted and snacked as the remaining sun disappeared below the horizon. Occasionally, deer would wander by and birds would flit and land on the truck bed saying hello.

The skies turned dark, and the moon and stars lit up the meadow. She climbed up onto the mattress and relaxed into blankets and pillows in the truck bed. She motioned for him to join her.

He climbed up and leaned back. She pointed up to the skies. “There’s a meteor shower tonight.”

A few streaks lit up the night sky. “Make a wish” she whispered in his ear, “and I’ll do all I can to make it come true.”

He pulled her closer, then softly swept a curl from her face. Then he kissed her gently. Slowly, they stopped and he heavily breathed out “You already have.”

“Here, I have a gift for you.” She outstretched her hand to the skies and then the magic happened.

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