Tropical Trek – Part 4

Please enjoy this repost while I enjoy a little R&R at the beach!

Suzy walked to her bed and saw a message left for her on her phone. She quickly recognized the number as a member of her team and played the voicemail:

“Hi Suzy. It’s Mark. The team was able to get an early flight. We’re already here. Meet us in the lobby in the morning at 7. Melissa saw you at dinner, but she didn’t want to interrupt. Catch up then.”

Suzy looked at the time. It was just after midnight. She slipped off her sandals, sarong and tee and slipped into bed. It was going to be a short night’s sleep. At least her brain could spin up a few pleasant dreams after the evening she just had.

6 AM arrived early. Suzy quickly showered, dressed, and finished up a few notes for the sites she had already scouted. Hopefully Mark would find at least one of them appealing to head to today. She gathered her pack and headed down to the lobby.

The team was gathered in the restaurant, and several plates filled the table with breakfast pastries and such. Melissa sipped on her personal morning shake while the rest of the team enjoyed the pastries, coffee and tea. Their chatter could be heard all the way into the lobby by Suzy as she walked in.

“Morning! Glad you all caught the early flight!” Suzy greeted them and then spied a cinnamon roll among the platters of food. She resisted temptation and picked up a bowl of fresh fruit and a boiled egg instead. “I’ve checked out a few places already, but let’s go over what I’ve found.”

Suzy took out her surface and walked through some of the sites. Mark and the team observed closely.

Suddenly, Mark spoke up. “Go back. Those rope bridges…where’s that? That looks interesting!”

Suzy pulled out her notes and reviewed one of the tourist’s experiences she visited at the start of her trip. “This location offers trails with three options, one at the top of the mountains, the rope bridges, and a basin experience. They hook together so you can do all three options with a little retracing of some of the trails. At the end of the experience, they provide a local meal including rice, meat, beans, some fresh fruit and vegetables.”

“Perfect! Let’s head there today. How long to get there?”

“It’s a quick ride, but the road up to the entrance is a bumpy dirt road. Did you get a 4×4?”

Mark rolled his eyes at her, “Of course…. I know we’re not in Chicago!”

The whole team, including Suzy, laughed. “Well, on that note,” Suzy announced, “This way!”

The team arrived onsite and spoke with the proprietor, getting the necessary releases, then opted for the swinging bridge trail. They worked through the trail setting up shots and repeatedly crossing the bridges capturing all angles as Melissa strutted her stuff and recited the script Suzy had prepared.

Suzy enjoyed the experience of seeing all of the lush greenery and crossing the bridges when she was here alone. The whole team being onsite changed the dynamics and the experience, but she hoped her original vision would still come through. It was fun to work with others, but she really enjoyed her quiet escapes at the start of the trip more. Now, it was time to work.

Finally, Mark made the final call, “CUT! Let’s head back and get lunch.”

Suzy looked at her watch. Four hours of filming and content for no more than 15 minutes of content. That should be good for today’s venture.

As the team arrived back at the entrance, the owner prepared their meals. While waiting, they shared the different shots and clips gathered and came up with a game plan for editing the content for the site. “Suzy, mind putting together some additional content we can throw on the site?”

This is always what Mark asks for on site, and always what Suzy delivers. “Sure thing. I’ll have it to out by the end of the day.”

With that, lunch was served. The team started digging into their lunches. The freshness of the food sated even the hungriest in the crew and was a welcome meal. As they sat eating and recovered from their morning’s work, the parking lot began to fill up. A few more cars pulled into the location. Suzy didn’t pay much attention, already thinking about the content she needed to put together this afternoon.

A familiar voice spoke up behind Suzy, “What’s for lunch?” She jumped a little, not expecting anyone to be so close.

She looked up to see Steve’s grinning face. “Hey, what are you doing here?” Her voice belied her excitement to see him, although she tried to control it. “Just some local food. Wanna bite?”

He looked over her plate. “Looks good.” He hesitated, realizing the entire table was looking his way. “But I don’t want to intrude.”

A voice from behind him called out, “Steve, we’re heading out, coming with us?”

Steve looked over his shoulder and shook his head yes, then turned back to Suzy, resting his hand on her shoulder. “I should get going…thanks though!” With that, he turned and walked over to his friends.

Suzy looked over her shoulder and waved bye. He turned back towards her and smiled before turning back around.

Melissa scooted closer to Suzy and in a not so hushed voice asked, “Who’s that? And, what about his friends?”

The team shifted their attention to Suzy as her face blushed through multiple shades of red.

Suzy tried to make light of it. “Oh, them? They’re staying at the same resort as us. I bumped into Steve a couple times yesterday.”

Melissa cooed, “I bet you did!” and snickered.

Suzy rolled her eyes and shook her head. The entire team chuckled at the exchange and went back to eating their lunch before heading back to the resort and an afternoon of photoshopping and editing.

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